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Raising the Back Bar: Our Highlights

In May we were delighted to host our first-ever annual portfolio tasting: Raising the Back Bar. We welcomed 250 of you to the elegant RSA Vaults in London, to discover some of our newest exclusives.


Our Head Buyer Dawn Davies MW showcased a carefully curated selection of rums to illustrate our new rum classification.

Created to help you choose from the more than 500 rums listed on the Speciality Drinks trade list, the new categories focus on flavour profiles and production methods, rather than the traditional colours of white, gold and dark.

The classification is also designed to help rum consumers better understand the category and, in the long term, allow us talk about rum in a more unified and meaningful way.

Veritas Rum

Veritas (Latin for ‘truth’) is a delicious blended traditionalist rum, created from a blend of Coffey column still rum from Foursquare in Barbados and pot still rum from Hampden in Jamaica.

Absolutely nothing else has been added and this has not been filtered. Round and rich on the palate with a hint of green banana, pineapple and liquorice, Veritas has a fantastic freshness on the finish.

We showcased this rum at our portfolio tasting both as a neat serve and in a classic Daiquiri.


Few distilleries have excited the whisky community more in recent years than Japan’s Chichibu.

With Ichiro Akuto (formerly of the legendary Hanyu) at the helm, everything released from this distillery since its opening in 2008 has sold out in a flash.

Chichibu Imperial Stout Cask 2019

We unveiled Chichibu’s latest limited edition last month, the Imperial Stout Cask. As the name suggests, finished in a stout cask from a local Japanese craft brewer.

This delicious dram is packed with notes of butterscotch and dark chocolate, coupled with Chichibu’s signature elegance and finesse.

Please speak to your Account Manager if you are interested as a limited amount will be released soon.