Speciality Drinks presents 'Bring the Bar Home'

A few weeks ago, the idea of not being able to visit a favourite bar (or any bar for that matter!) whenever you wanted was unthinkable for most consumers...

The world we now live in might be strange for drinkers, many of whom are now dusting off cocktail equipment and forgotten bottles from the cellar, but it’s also brought exceptional difficulties for our industry, especially bars and those who work in them.

One way to provide some relief is to enable consumers to enjoy the signature serves from their favourite bars at home – which is exactly what we’re doing at Speciality Drinks.

Our new Bring the Bar Home initiative, asks participating bars for their signature serve, which we’ll promote and sell as a make-your-own kit through our sister company’s website The Whisky Exchange.

Consumers will be able to buy the cocktails as a collection that includes all the necessary ingredients and the recipe, with half the profits going back to the participating bars. 

We’ll also be working with the bars to promote their cocktail recipes online through videos on social media, which is a great way to stay connected with regulars and make new friends at this difficult time.

If you would like take part in this initiative, or hear more information, please speak to your Account Manager or drop us a message.


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